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Consumers India is an intellectually strong organization comprising senior officers of Government of India (generally retired), doctors, engineers, academics and others, who have joined hands to use their knowledge and experience for the well being of consumers.

Catalyzing the energy of youth through Internship Programme and All-India Contests has been a major milestone achieved by Consumers India. It has taken up several important campaigns with a view to safeguard interests of large number of consumers. Some of them relate to 'Unethical Medical Practices', 'Misleading Advertising', 'Access to Affordable Drugs', 'Justice for all…Just Now', 'I am a city changer', 'Right to Information', 'Junk the junk food' etc.

Right to Education and Ground Realities

Beware of Indoor Pollution by Household Products

Truth about Hair Colours

Surrogacy: Is it 'Womb for Rent'?



Consumers India

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